Combined Exams


Combined Exams in Real Estate

Taqeem Academy seeks to facilitate and grant privileges to those with professional and practical expertise in Real Estate Valuation. Thus, Taqeem is offering a fast track of combined exams to meet the requirements of obtaining the membership which includes training hours.

The professional exams include 4 levels as follows:

Level Included Courses Training Hours Exam Duration Exam Fees Retaking Exam Fees
First 101، 102، 103
75 Hours 4.5 Hours 4600 SAR 2000 SAR
Second 104، 105، 106، 107 75 Hours 4 Hours 8600 SAR 3700 SAR
Third 108، 109، 110 50 Hours 3 Hours 6300 SAR 2700 SAR
Fourth 111، 112 40 Hours 2 Hours 3900 SAR 1700 SAR

Registration requirements:
  • Trainees are entitled to register for any level as long as they pass the previous level.
  • Trainees must commit to study the latest version of the courses uploaded on Taqeem's website.
  • Passing each level depends on passing all of the combined exams, while taking into consideration the relative weights of each course according to the total number of training hours.
  • The minimum passing grade for any level is %60 as long as there's no course grade below %50.
  • In case of failing the exam, the trainee retakes the combined exams for the whole level for extra fees, and they are not entitled to retake the exam for free.
  • Registration for the combined exams in any level and the level following it must be within 3 months.
  • Registration for the combined exams and retaking them must be within one month.

  • Taqeem Academy determines the dates of conducting the combined exams for any level based on what the market needs and what serves the public interest in Real Estate Valuation.