​a person who has met the following requirements:

1. Passed the exams of the Authority's curriculum which contains the following courses: 

  101: Introduction to IVS2013, Accredited Valuars Law, Real Estate Implementing Regulation and Code of Ethics.

  102: Basic Valuation Principles 

  103: Basic Valuation Procedures

  104: Valuation/Cost Approach

  105: Valuation/Market & Income Approach

· 106: Market Analysis & Highest and Best Use

·​ ​107: Property Law & Town Planning Principles​​

                                                                                                                                ​  Total = 150​ hours

2. Gained at least 2,000 hours of verifiable experience in the real estate sector, and which is registered at the Authority.

3​.​ Passed the oral exam.

An accredited valuer will be able to sign a valuation report.