a person who has met the following requirements:

1. Passed the exams of the Authority's mandatory curriculum consisting of:

·    ​Introductory Course for Business Valuers

·    International Cost of Capital

2. Fill the membership form and attach all required documents;

3. Pass the personal interview.

4. Be a practitioner of Business valuation before the Law came into effect in 17/01/1434H and the Authority Secretariat shall take all necessary measures to prove the aforementioned. Alternatively, has a bachelor's degree or its equivalent in accounting, economics, finance, or a similar scientific specialization at an accredited university.

5. All business valuers must obtain an active provisional membership at Taqeem before 12/03/1439H – 01/12/2017.

6. A Provisional member can sign Business valuation reports.  

7. The provisional membership shall be invalid after 22/03/1440H – 01/12/2018 and the valuer shall be unauthorized to practice valuation unless he obtains an active membership.

​ 8.​The Administration of Advisory Professions shall create a registry to register Saudi valuers who obtained a provisional active membership and have a minimum of 100 hours of experience. The registry shall be invalid after 22/03/1440H – 01/12/2018.