Fellow MemberA person who has met the following requirements:

a) Acquired the Accredited Member designation, or the Associate membership.

 b) Passed the exams of Taqeem courses which include: 

• BV 205 for Accredited Members. 

• BV 203, 204 & 205 for Associate Members. 

c) Gained at least (1000) hours of verifiable experience registered in the Firm Account, after acquiring the Accredited Member designation. Associate members are required to gain at least (2000) hours of verifiable experience registered at the Firm Account -while being registered as a student or an associate member- of which at least (1000) hours gained after passing (BV 203 & 204) courses, and another (500) after passing (BV 205). 

d) Has a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in accounting, economics, finance, or similar scientific specializations at an accredited university, unless exempted under article (40) of the Law.

 e) Paid the membership subscription fee.